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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Spin-Out December 9,

We were on our way to Liz's parents' to celebrate her birthday and were about two blocks from their house when we hit some VERY slippery road and soft-landed in a shallow ditch.  If we'd had ANY traction at all, we probably could have driven out of it, but not that day.  In about half an hour, however, we were free of it.  Thank you, AAA!
Later, we stayed overnight at the Dobranoc Inn in Fond du Lac - a big, beautiful Bed & Breakfast.  It was a delightful outing to celebrate five years together.  I love you, my beautiful bride!!

12:29 am est

Monday, December 3, 2012

It has occurred to me (again) recently that logical argumentation for the truth of the Christian faith and its attendant claims really only works on those who already have saving faith in Jesus.
It seems like every time I see a Christian come up with what he believes to be an "iron-clad" proof of - you name it - Creation v. Evolution, the historical truth of the New Testament, or the factual basis of the Resurrection - some unbeliever tears it appart with his own version of the "truth."
It appears to me that no mountain of evidence will ever convince those who are blinded by unbelief.  I am convinced more than ever that it takes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for a person to give assent to the claims of Scripture, regardless of the particular claim being discussed.
This must be part of the reason why Jesus sent His disciples out, not to argue and debate, but to proclaim that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  There is something about the Holy Spirit working through the Word of God that influences hearts and minds far beyond the wisdom and eloquence of man.
This is not to say that Christians should neglect the facts supporting our biblical belief.  Those on whom the Spirit is working may have questions even though the Spirit has begun His work in them.  Removing barriers to faith is a worthy endeavor.
But this is a good reminder, I think, that conversion of the heart is God's work, not ours, and that when somone comes to faith in Jesus, that is a miracle wrought before our very eyes.
Let's not be discouraged, then, when the gainsayers rail against us, but rather continue to proclaim boldly the truth we know and let God use His Word from our lips to create and strengthen faith as He wills.
12:56 pm est

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