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Mathematical Modeling II with Calculus BC

Calculus BC

The first thing you should understand about Calculus BC is that the "B" in "BC" is the same as the "B" in "Calculus AB." Therefore, if you have completed the Calculus AB syllabus, you have already learned the "B" material. So in the MMII/BC course, you will review that "B" material during the first semester, while you are learning about fractals and chaos. The second semester will be devoted to the "C" material, which will be new to you. This is reflected in the title of the textbook for the second part of the course: AP Calculus: The "C" Topics. It was written especially for MMII/BC students at Polytechnic School.

The "C" Topics

             1. Infinite Series
             2. Antiderivatives and Integrals
             3. The Calculus of Vector, Parametric, and Polar Functions
             4. Differential Equations

For a more detailed outline of the coverage of the "C" topics, see the table of contents for AP Calculus: The "C" Topics.Also, see the College Board's official AP Calculus site for complete information about the BC syllabus.

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