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PIETENPOL -Wings of History Museum San Martin, CA
28 SEPT 2012 - After 3 years restoration our Model B Ford /Pietenpol takes flight again - WOO HOO!

Your WebWhackers current Distraction - VANs RV-9A
Lycoming O-320 160 HP Fixed Prop,,,2 place 150 KTS TAS

In late 2009 I purchased N529FG from builder FRED GALLOWAY.  Built at Santa Inez airport, Fred did a professional construction job, along with friend Stan Peternal ( Stan has his own RV-9A)   KITPLANES magazine did articles on both Fred's and Stan's planes a few years ago!
With 120 hours on the HOBBs, Tweety had not been painted, so first thing was to have it painted  YELLOW!  for visability and because Fred had named it Tweety! 
It had been 15 years since I'd been pilot-in-command, so I spent about 20 hours in Piper PA-28's with  instructor Scott Sauter before getting the mental rust and corrosion cleared out of ma brain. 
 In April 2010 Scott signed me off and I've logged over 80 hours since then.  The JOY and convience of having ones own plane positively beats the rental flying I used to do. 
(But we wont talk about the Hole in the Air that my Moola is shoveled into!  Will we?)
Presently hangared at San Carlos KSQL, I try to fly it at least once a week weather permitting.                               (Bill Copeland Photos)

Tweety Just back from Santa Maria ARTCRAFT paints.
After a year of thinking about it, I've just had the trim design painted. Copeland Photo at KLVK

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DAVID SASO Lugs his recently Rebuilt BOEHLE Giant
The GIANT was originally built by BOB VONKONSKY...and is on its 3rd Fuselage - Don't Ask! (OS61-FS)


Holiday Greetings from Lubo in Czechoslovakia!


  Greetings from SKY KING, Penny, & the SongBird 


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