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 Is it real? How do you do it? Yes, it is real.  Things animals have told me about their physical condition have been confirmed by standard tests, including X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, and manual palpation by vets, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and others. Things animals have told me about life events, physical objects in their environment, layout of house and landscape, etc., have been confirmed by clients. I work over the phone and the animal need not be present. I do it by a practiced form of listening, observation, and awareness of physical sensations. I use black & white line-drawing anatomical charts to find names for the things the animals tell me, so the client can ask the vet to check on symptoms the animal reports.

What about proof?   The best proof available is for me to work directly with you on a case you are familiar with, or I will be glad to supply anecdotal evidence, and references from clients who are familiar with my work. In addi­tion, animals have reported behavioral issues affecting their physical condition. The vets' and clients' notification of these issues have been used to design solutions which have improved both physical and mental well-being for the animal, and more successful human and animal family relationships. These major benefits could influence your choice to try this.

Why should a vet try working with an animal communicator?   Most often I work directly with the client and the animal. But there are definite advan­tages for the vet, even if the report is third hand from the client's notes of my session with the animal. An MD has both signs and symptoms to work with, a vet typically only has the signs. Once an emergency room physician admit­ted to me, rather wryly, that she used her intuition for triage and diagnosis. She noted that her training was to run through a memorized checklist, rather than use something as unscientific as intuition. I pointed out that any checklist could be orderly in its internal arrangement, but random with respect to the actual condition(s) which were presented to her by any given patient. The use of intuition could and did give her superior and faster results than her use of the checklist.

Is it possible that a vet's reliance on signs of the animal patient could create a similarly less effective random collection of information? If a report of the symptoms were available, shouldn't you be the one to get that report? Even a second hand report (via the animal communicator), with a possibility of in­accuracy or incompleteness, would be for you to assess, just as an MD does with a human patient. It is not necessary for you to believe in animal communica­tion, telepathy, or clairvoyance in order to assess the results. You have all your training, skills, experience (and intuition) to help you discover if this could be helpful in your practice. Why not try it, rather than assuming (without proof) that it is not possible.

Denise Schultz, 2005 - 2007

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