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About Me:

I feel a deep and abiding love for animals.  Just being with them, in person or at a distance, is the most satisfying thing in my life.  They have so much to share with us and to teach us, especially about love.  I have little patience for . . . well, actually I'm a first-born double Aries with ADHD so I have little patience for anything, but always, a lot of fascination with everything. 

I'm 56 and counting.  Welcome to my view of the Universe: unlike real estate, this one is about connection, connection, connection.

I've been a professional animal communicator for over ten years.  I have had a healing practice for over 20 years.  I remember medical intuitive experiences when I was as young as 5 or 6 years old.  It took me a long time to understand that not everyone saw the world that way.  I use Reiki to help me connect with your animal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  I am a Reiki Master, a Yuen Method practitioner-in-training with over 1000 hours experience, a CMT (certified massage therapist) and a ULC Minister.  For more on my energy healing work, please see .

What I have done:

"I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king." (well most of those and a few more) - thanks, Frank.

What I'm proud of:

  • being a skilled animal communicator, medical intuitive, and energy healer

  • I started 2 recycling projects in the financial district in San Francisco that have been in existence for over 20 years, recycling perhaps even into the hundreds of thousands of tons of paper (millions some day)

  • Grassroots political organizing on things from water politics to senior education

  • Being a volunteer in schools, libraries, and elsewhere with kids from 4 to 90

  • being an award-winning artist in jewelry, photography, poetry, and fiber arts

  • I'm a pretty darn good cook

  • I'm a good friend and animal mom, and was a pretty good wife as long as I lasted (20 years). Now I'm not, and that suits me fine.

  • I found the secret to eternal youth (just kidding) - but I did find out a lot about how to lose weight, and taught a class in losing weight from the point of view of a medical intuitive. Two hints: much of what I saw was not adipose tissue (fat), but lymphatic edema (water weight), due to sub-clinical allergies and mineral deficiencies. Ask me about my weight loss articles for more info on this. I lost 21% of my weight and have kept it off for almost 4 years (I weigh now what I weighed 32 years ago!) *This material and the rest of the material on this website and in my practice is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any condition, and please seek the advice of a qualified health professional if you have any concerns.

A Soupçon of Alphabet Soup:

A.S. Fine Arts, 1974, Northwest Connecticut Community College, Winsted, CT - That's right Associate of Science in Fine Arts. What can I say, this community college is in the birthplace of Ralph Nader, and folks there have always done things a bit differently. In my case I actually earned it, having a dual emphasis on Art and Science, which irritated everyone but me, and gave me my start in being a generalist.

B.A. Studio Arts 1976, Stephens College, Columbia Missouri - I failed to get the BFA because my emphasis was on the chemistry of color (glaze chemistry in ceramics), so once again the generalist gets a lack-luster (but not lack lustre) degree. I was invited to take majors-only classes in three majors outside my own (Psychology, Math, and Technical Theater), - the generalist strikes again.

C.M.T. 2001, Jupiter Hollow School of Massage, Santa Rosa, California - I'm really too short to be a massage therapist, but I love to do Reiki and wanted to be legal to do it in a hospital setting, so I got this certification. In my sixties I plan to go back to school to learn Cranial Sacral Massage. In Reiki I have always been known as the one with 'the invisible hands' so this should be a good fit for my style.

Reiki Master, 2001, Occidental, California - Unlike some people who get two or three levels in a weekend, I took three years to get my master training.  I have also done thousands of hours of Reiki, it is my central distance healing practice, and my primary tool as a medical intuitive and animal communicator.

Yuen Method, Practitioner-in-Training, Marin County, California - In 2002 I completed the advanced level 3 training.  I was practicing it with my human and animal clients with "miracle cure" results from the first session in the basic level 1 training - literally.  (I had an emergency animal client the night between day 1 and day 2). I have practiced nearly as many hours of this as Reiki, it is one of my central healing skills.

Additional Studies - I have studied many forms of art and healing, etymology (the history of the meaning of words), theater improv, and and and . . .

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination - none of us is small or simple, we are all enormous and fascinating.  Let me help you connect with your animal family, for love, fun, and in tough times. 

To schedule a consultation, or learn more about my work,
please call (831)477-6820.   You may leave messages on this number.  I will return your messages when I am in my office.   Please tell me your time zone, and how late I may return your call.  I am in the Pacific time zone. 
For urgent and emergency cases you may also call.  There is an additional charge for unscheduled consultations. 
Please connect immediately with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about the health or behavior of your animal friend.
I work by phone, and I don't do email introductions or consultations. 
I accept all forms of payment via PayPal.  Clients agree to pay within 24 hours of the consultation.
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