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Energy healing sessions for animal and person in the same family

I was very touched by C’s affirmation – it is beautiful and so significant -Thank you!  Very interesting & no surprise we have many parallels, and I thought some of his could have been for me.

I just got online & received your email so I did not have direct knowledge of when you were going to do my session – however I so felt the energy & knew ahhh Denise is doing her thing! - I had some wonderful shifts and incredible sense of lightness & warmth in my heart.  I have had sooo much energy today, far more than I’ve had for a very long time – weeeee !!

You have been such an inspiration and beacon of light for me & C during this challenge - I am very grateful. ~CW

 A semi-feral outdoor cat needed to come daily for medication by a cat-sitter, and how to communicate with a family of cats while away from them on vacation

Thank-you for the grounding info. Your communication with B helped immensely with regular appearances for his meds. I did the “Make A V” from Oregon for each cat individually and I think it helped. Thanks for your help. ~DD

A grounding exercise sent to help a cat with moving out-of-state

It got to me in time. What a sweetie you are for sending this so promptly. U_ and I loved the session with you. Very helpful. ~CS

Energy healing work for humans

I had a Yuen session through Denise Schultz and I must say that it was the most through, accurate and complete reading that I have ever had. The reading covered all the areas of my life which brought me insight, clarity and understanding as I’m transitioning on my journey. I highly recommend a reading with Denise as she is excellent, compassionate and is thoroughly knowledgeable in her work and I intend to recommend her to my clients as well.

~Joanne Justis, Numerologist, Author, Numbers R U

A colleague giving a referral

Thanks for the flow today.

Also to say I can’t imagine anyone’s financial Yuen work being in more creative and competent hands. Beautiful work, insight, and way of giving even broader healing, through your reports and interactions. May it all come back to you in a river of great well being.

~Winterhawk, Animal Communicator, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Mt. Shasta, CA

To schedule a consultation, or learn more about my work,
please call (831)477-6820.   You may leave messages on this number.  I will return your messages when I am in my office.   Please tell me your time zone, and how late I may return your call.  I am in the Pacific time zone. 
For urgent and emergency cases you may also call.  There is an additional charge for unscheduled consultations. 
Please connect immediately with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about the health or behavior of your animal friend.
I work by phone, and I don't do email introductions or consultations. 
I accept all forms of payment via PayPal.  Clients agree to pay within 24 hours of the consultation.
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