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Star, you still have my heart.
            ~~~ Star Star Star ~~~    
Star has/had a fearless quality.

I often felt her impatience with my fear for or of her.

Her unbounded joy as she would athletically surge up a hill at top speed, or pounce grass tufts between her front paws,

or her fierce grace as she caught a stick or toy and pinned it to the ground and did not let go,

was/is so beautifully resonating with all positive qualities of spirit in the body.

She trusted herself even though her brain injury caused her to let herself and others down.

She did not wallow in it, but moved on to trusting herself in the next moment, again and again.

She has/had a quality of self-forgiveness that is indispensable to both self-love and wisdom and growth.

That self-trust kept her in innocence of heart, no matter what happened.

I love you, Star!

When you part from your friend, you grieve not;
for that which you love most in her may be clearer in her absence,
as mountains to the climber are clearer from the plain.

For Star, b. Petaluma Sept. 1998, d. Copco Lake July 4, 2006 ©Denise Schultz 2006

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