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Geronimo, love you forever.
Geronimo, the day he picked his oils out of the kit with his teeth
 Is it real?  Yes, it is real. Animals have told me physical things that were confirmed by X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, and manual palpation by vets, chiropractors, acu­puncturists, and others. Anatomical charts help me name physical things the ani­mals show me, so the client can ask the vet about it. Things animals have told me about life events, physical objects in their environment, layout of house and landscape, etc., have been confirmed by clients.

What about proof?  The best proof is for me to work directly with you and your animal. It helps to be open-minded. Being focused on proof is putting the cart before the horse. If you wanted to know if someone could drive a car, no amount of talk­ing about it would prove it to you. You would want to see them do it. Listen to what I hear from your animal first, then decide if it is true. Wondering whether I’m for real or not is taking focus off of the animal. If you can listen to what is coming from them first, and assess that for authenticity, it won’t matter so much what I do. I am not the point here, this is about the connection between you and your animal.

How do you do it?  I do it by a practiced form of awareness of physical and energy sensations. This is very much highlighted by using Reiki, a form of energy work. Modern physicists say, and I believe, that there is an underlying holographic field that connects everything. Through the Reiki, I become more sensitive to that field. Because the field is everywhere, I can work over the phone and the animal need not be present with me or you. Then I can share the feelings, thoughts, and sensations the animal wishes to commu­ni­cate. The animal will show me sensations they are feeling, either in my hands or sometimes an ‘echo’ in a specific area in my own body. Because my sensations are so strong, I often start with describing their physical feelings. This gives them a little chance to get used to talking with me, and from there I can work into other areas.

Why should a vet try working with an animal communicator?  Most often I work directly with the client and the animal. But there are definite advantages for the vet, even if the report is third hand from the client's notes of our ses­sion with the animal. Is it possible that a vet's reliance on only what he or she can personally observe could be a limited picture? After all, that’s why they use standard medical tests, like X-rays and blood tests. The animal com­mu­ni­cates to me what they feel (symptoms). If a report of the symptoms is available, shouldn't the vet get that report? Even a second hand report from me, which could be inaccurate or incomplete, would be for the vet to assess, just as an MD does with a human patient. It is not necessary for you or the vet to believe in animal communication, telepathy, or clairvoy­ance in order to assess the results. You have all your time with the animal, and the vet has all their training, skills, and experience, to decide if animal communica­tion is help­ful. Why not try it, rather than assuming (without proof) that it is not possible?

Will my animal tell you embarrassing things about me?  Usually not. They have a sense of what you are comfortable sharing, because they notice when you get tense. If you do, they tend to avoid that area. Also some things that are embarrassing to you don’t even show up on their radar, so they would never even think to bring it up. They are too busy talking about what matters to them.

How many sessions does it take?  Most often we do one session. Within that time, we discuss what might help the physical or behavioral situation. I often give referrals to other practitioners (traditional, alternative, and holistic). If you follow through, it is much more likely to help. I offer a free 10-minute check-in after an hour session (same animal, same issue), in case a brief follow-up will help work things out. Sometimes clients check back with me several times a year, for ongoing support or when new issues arise. In a few cases, usually with very ill or dying animals, I provide more frequent support. At those stressful times, it may be harder than usual for you to hear what they are saying. I work both to support the animal di­rectly, and to let you know where your insight and communication is accurate, so you can trust your own awareness as much as possible.

To schedule a consultation, or learn more about my work,
please call (831)477-6820.   You may leave messages on this number.  I will return your messages when I am in my office.   Please tell me your time zone, and how late I may return your call.  I am in the Pacific time zone. 
For urgent and emergency cases you may also call.  There is an additional charge for unscheduled consultations. 
Please connect immediately with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about the health or behavior of your animal friend.
I work by phone, and I don't do email introductions or consultations. 
I accept all forms of payment via PayPal.  Clients agree to pay within 24 hours of the consultation.
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