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Fred, photo by Patty & Gordon Barnard
Fred Barnard, treasured companion of Patty & Gordon

 None of us is small or simple ― we are all enormous and fascinating. ~DS

We are ALL communicators.

Communication is too important to be left to specialists.  I want to help you be better able to communicate with your animal family: you are there every day.  We can learn to calibrate ourselves to recognize who is saying what.  It is good for all of us to get more practice and experience with it, for the enrichment of all our relationships.  In matters of serious illness or other problems, it can be good to have a neutral party help with the listening. 



How can you even find out one thing?  Many people believe that there is a sort of blank nothingness out of which we struggle to get even one piece of information. It is actually the opposite: everything is there, all the information about everything!  It is more like trying to pick out one conversation in a crowded, noisy train station. So focus is important.


Why try animal communication?  People often consult me about their animals because of:

v      mysterious physical issues,

v      animals with behavioral difficulties, and

v      no-one else has been able to help. 


The missing piece is often what the animal knows, believes, or has to say, to you, your vet, other animals in the family, etc.  When people find it difficult to communicate with their animals, two reasons stand out: it has served our culture well not to listen to animals; we are trained to block out that direct connection at least part of the time.  Also, when you are a stakeholder in an issue, many feelings can get in the way of your understanding what’s being said. As an animal communicator I help you to hear each other.

To schedule a consultation, or learn more about my work,
please call (831)477-6820.   You may leave messages on this number.  I will return your messages when I am in my office.   Please tell me your time zone, and how late I may return your call.  I am in the Pacific time zone. 
For urgent and emergency cases you may also call.  There is an additional charge for unscheduled consultations. 
Please connect immediately with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about the health or behavior of your animal friend.
I work by phone, and I don't do email introductions or consultations. 
I accept all forms of payment via PayPal.  Clients agree to pay within 24 hours of the consultation.
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