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This is the literary homepage for Nick Humez, late of the Department of Classics and General Humanities at Montclair (NJ) State University. He is the author, with his brother, Alex, of Latin for People/Latina pro Populo (Little, Brown: 1976), Alpha to Omega: The Life and Times of the Greek Alphabet (Godine: 1981), A B C Et Cetera: The Life and Times of the Roman Alphabet (Godine: 1985), and of Zero to Lazy Eight: The Romance of Numbers (Simon and Schuster: 1993), with Alex Humez and Joseph Maguire. The Humez brothers also collaborated with Edward and Janice Goldfrank on The Boston Basin Bicycle Book (Godine: 1975), and the duo’s most recent book On the Dot: The Speck That Changed the World is scheduled for publication by Oxford University Press in 2008.


During the 1990s, Nick Humez covered classical music for the Maine Sunday Telegram and its sister daily, the Portland Press Herald, as well as freelance feature stories for several other Maine newspapers and later the suburban quarterly Maplewood Matters (now Matters Magazine) in New Jersey. Since 1998 he has also written a column called “Classical Blather” for VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly (www.verbatimmag.com). In 2005 his CD Myth Songs was released, a set of didactic ditties written for and sung in his mythology classes at MSU (www.mythsongs.com); earlier musical work is featured on the 1992 cassette-tape release Fire in the Garden: Two Maine String Quartets (Bonnie Banks BB-101), released in 1992, and the 1976 vinyl LP of the Humez brothers’ folk opera The Life of Bongo Bill: Acts I & II (Titanic Ti-6). Poems by Nick Humez have been published in Kennebec, The Maine Scholar, Hobo Jungle, Off the Coast, and the e-zines Dakota Review, Snakeskin, and The Porkbelly Review; for a selection, please click the link at left.


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