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A note from Spenser's "mom"...


Right before Thanksgiving, Spenser disappeared for almost a month, ACK!  I wouldn’t normally have been totally overly concerned (he IS a wild bird) but Mrs. Spenser was still hanging around and it’s very unusual for them to be more than a few feet apart.  Then a few days after Spenser disappeared, another jay was puttin’ the moves on Mrs. Spenser.  I was heartbroken, sure that meant Spenser was gone forever, victim to a hawk or cat or some other disaster.


Then, just a couple of days before Christmas, I went outside and did my daily call for Spenser.  He flew right in, landed in his favorite tree and started chattering to me… woohoo!!!


So, I have no idea where he was during that month, but he’s back… and Mrs. Spenser is acting all innocent like she WASN’T spending time with someone else while Spenser was gone.  :o)


BUT, either something happened to Spenser while he was gone or he just forgot he’s a people-bird, because he’s not the same and is very skittish now.  He’ll come close when I call and chatter in Spenser-talk to me, but he won’t land on me anymore.  If I put a peanut on the ground a couple of feet in front of me, he’ll happily take it, but he’s not interested in getting any closer than that.


Soooooo, I’m taking things slowly… maybe he’ll come around.  And if not, the important thing is that he’s happy and safe.  I’m just so glad he’s back!!!


And now back to Spenser!!!


Well, hello down there!!!



Here's me and my sweetie-pie

keeping an eye on the yard!



Bye now, see you again soon!


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