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For a little while, at least...

Well, Mom didn't want to send me back out into the wild at her house because there's already a family of very territorial jays living there and she was worried I would get hurt.  Today is the one month anniversary of the day Mom found me, so I decided to surprise her... I flew off when she was putting me into my outside cage!  What a funny joke... you should have seen the look on Mom's face!  The first place I flew was to the very top of a 40 foot tall cypress tree.  Wow, you can see a LOT from that high! 
The other jays eventually came and checked me out.  They didn't welcome me with open arms (wings) and invite me over for tea or anything, but they didn't attack me, either... they just flew into the tree I was in and watched me for a while.  Maybe we'll be able to share the neighborhood.  I hope so!
I flew around to different trees in Mom and Dad's yard for a couple of hours this morning, then I was ready to go back into my cage.  It was a very busy and exciting morning for me!  Mom said I could do it again tomorrow if I want to... I want to!!!


Look at me!!!


Here I am cruising over the roof of the house!


Checking things out from the roof of the shed
in the middle of the yard...


Relaxing in the shade after all that flying...


I'm back!  Here I am hopping around
on the patio with Dad.


I'm the best scrub jay EVER?
Thank you, thank you!
<taking a bow>

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