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Here's what you need:
1 x Speedy Case Outside (3-4 Disc)
1 x Speedy Case Inside (2, 3)
1 x Speedy Case Inside (4, 1)

Cut them so they look like this...

Fold all flaps in and put creases in the left and right sides of the spine. (See "Cutting, Folding & Gluing Basics" for tips.)

Lay "inside 1" and "4" in the case to see if you need to trim the top or bottom of the inside pieces. (Don't worry about the left or right sides yet.)

Fold "inside 2, 3" along the bottom seam, using a marker to get a good fold.

Bend back the flap to the left of "inside 2". Put glue on the two remaining flaps of "inside 2, 3" and fold it up.

Now glue "inside 2, 3" to the back of "outside front". Make sure that the flap of "inside 2, 3" is beneath the flaps of "outside front", and make sure that you glue it just to the left of the spine (or your case won't fold properly).

Now glue "inside 1" to the back of "outside front", putting glue on the flaps only. Make sure that the flap of "inside 1" is beneath the flaps of "outside front" (and on top of the flap of "inside 2, 3").

Don't worry if a little of the left edge of "outside 1" hangs over, you can trim this when the glue dries.

Now glue "inside 4" to the back of "outside back", putting glue on the flaps only. Make sure that the flap of "inside 4" is beneath the flaps of "outside back", and the right edge of "inside 4" should be a little to the right of the spine.

If any of "inside 4" is hanging over the right edge of "case outside", don't worry, you can trim it when the glue dries.

Lay it flat (with "inside 2, 3" to the left) on a clean, smooth surface (like a table or desk), set a stack of heavy books on top of it and leave it for a number of hours (I usually leave them overnight). Don't forget to trim the left and right edges of "inside 1" and "4" if necessary. If "inside 2, 3" sticks out of the case, you can trim that, too.

Congratulations! You made a 3-Disc Jacket!