Speedy's Homebrew CD Jackets
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Files & Templates
Getting Started (Nero Users Only)
Cutting, Folding & Gluing Basics
1-Disc Jacket
1-Disc Gatefold Jacket
2-Disc Jacket
3-Disc Jacket
4-Disc Jacket
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If you plan on using Nero Cover Designer, you will need to download this file:

If you prefer to use Photoshop or another program:

If you want to make the templates from scratch, here are the dimensions:
Case Outside (1-2 Disc)
256mm x 125mm, with a 4mm spine

Case Outside (3-4 Disc)
259mm x 125mm, with a 7mm spine

Case Inside
253mm x 125mm, with a 1mm spine in the middle as a guide for cutting/folding

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