The Vance Lehmkuhl Jump Station

A portrait of the artist as he wishes he looked, but doesn't.

is a multi-faceted individual of many pursuits, many hues, many skills, many sides, facets.

Cartoonist, writer, singer, educator, pianist, Web designer, songwriter, journalist, playwright, visionary, dumpster diver, lucid-dreaming expert, list-compiler... well, you get the picture.

Whatever has brought you to this page, here is a quick selection of links to various sites where you can explore more of this fascinating personality than you could ever hope or want to encounter.

  • Check out some of Vance's celebrity caricatures from his years as cartoonist for The New York Times Syndicate's cartoon feature, "Face Value." This one is Kenneth Branagh and Nathan Lane in their 1920s-style musical extravaganza "Love's Labors Lost."

  • Vance's political cartoons from Philadelphia City Paper are housed in the prestigious HOW-TO HARRY'S CARTOON ACADEMY. How-To Harry was City Paper's political cartoon, and ran every week from 1990 to 2003. It was awarded "Best of Philly" in 1992, and so far as we know, has not yet been dethroned. During the run of HTH, Vance wrote numerous articles for City Paper, including some cover stories and even the occasional travelogue. Also a good many movie reviews, some of which are collected on

  • Vance is the author of The Joy of Soy (Laugh Lines Press, 1997)

    The first (and funniest) collection of cartoons about vegetarianism, The Joy of Soy has vegans, veggies, near-veggies and non-veggies alike laughing along with the wacko comments and absurd situations that come with their chosen lifestyle.

    There are cartoons about mysterious party dips, Tuna-Safe tuna, and about raising vegetarian kids---as well as the always-topical "What's Really in That Burger?" If you either are or know a vegetarian, chances are you'll see something humorously familiar in these pages.

    On the Joy of Soy page you can find sample cartoons, commentary and a step-by-step walkthrough of Vance's fascinating DRAWALONG process of collaborative improvisational cartooning - as well as info on How to order The Joy of Soy.

  • Vance is a founding member of the Conscious Pop band Green Beings. On their site you can sample the music, read the lyrics and order a CD. In addition to their public performances, Green Beings have been heard on radio stations nationwide on the Dr. Demento show!

  • Vance is also a founding member of the nation's premier satirical Christmas pop band, Bah & the Humbugs, although this hagiography by Bruce Schimmel would have you believe - incorrectly - that he's the sole driving force behind the group. Bah & the Humbugs, who have collectively written over 100 songs mocking Christmas traditions (and Christmas song traditions) were featured on CNN in 2002 in conjunction with their album Christmas Tree from Hell.

  • Vance was one of the first humorists in the nation to be featured on the trendsetting, if not visionary, humor Web site Modern Humorist. However, he has absolutely nothing to do with the site's subsequent decay, downfall and complete and utter decrepitude. Dunno what happened there.

    Where was I? Oh yes - Vance appeared within Modern Humorist's first month with his hilarious-for-mid-2000 "Stamps Salute the 1990s" collection - followed quickly by the still-hilarious-well-into-October-2000 collection, "Stamps Salute the 00's." Boy. Weren't that a time? Remember when stamps were only 33 cents?

  • Vance is the founder of CAPSULE DAY, a collaborative rich-media project in which Life in Philadelphia was encapsulated via video, still camera, tape recording and other media to serve as the basis for virtual time travel. The main Capsule Day was declared (by the Mayor's office!) on August 23rd, 1999, wherein the goal was to Save the 20th Century. A follow-up was done in 2003, recording how many of the same locations had already altered unexpectedly.

  • Vance is a proud member in good standing of The Dumpster Divers of Philadelphia.

  • Lastly, but certainly not leastly, Vance is the online editor for the Philadelphia Daily News. You may recognize some of his distinctive graphic style in the design of such weblogs as Would We Lie? Also, he sometimes writes incisive op-eds for the newspaper on vegetarian-themed subject matter. Here are two recent pieces on Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign and the Great American Meatout 2004.

    And if that's not enough links for you, once you've gone through all of them, let me know and I'll send you some more!