"I love your energy. It gives me permission to be free."
~A.G., workshop participant and ministerial client

Shams Cohen: Soul Emergence

Celebrating Rites of Passage and Supporting
Full-Spectrum Personal Harmony & Growth.

Release and transform emotional and physical barriers
    to success, unveiling your vitality.

Experience life as an exciting mystery, rather than
     an overwhelming problem.

Transmute the tremendous energy of fear into new growth.

Renew hope and choose love.

Celebrate the positive impact on self, home, family,
     and community.

Honor milestones, like births, deaths, weddings and other
     rites of passage, with powerful personal ceremonies.

My purpose through Soul Emergence is:

1. To enliven people by nurturing the rediscovery and celebration of
     their own powerful Wholeness.

2. To create space for people to spiritually unfold, discover and celebrate
     the Power of Love and essential Oneness in beloved community.

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or to schedule a session.

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