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On this home page, we'll introduce our new numerology book, NUMEROLOGY: The First Source ("Prima Materia") and our numerology business.

 NUMEROLOGY: The First Source ("Prima Materia")  is the first numerology book written in many years on predictive numerology. This book spans over 35 years worth of knowledge on predictive and universal numerology. It takes you from beginning universal numerology to predictive graduate school numerology. Princess Diana, Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife, Raisa, Rita Hayworth, and Fred Astaire are among the case studies in this book. This numerology system is based on a combination of several ancient numerology systems brought forth into the 21st century just for you.

NUMEROLOGY: The First Source ("Prima Materia") covers meanings of the numbers from 1 to 1000. There is new information on the birthday and universal years. It allows one to blend and confirm information found in astrology charts. However, once you have mastered this system it will be hard to go back to doing astrology.

NUMEROLOGY: The First Source ("Prima Materia") is over 300 pages long and comes with charts for you to use. It is written in language that all can understand. The author, Rhavda Cooper Emison is a well-known numerologist with 37 years plus experience. She does life counsultations for both individuals and businesses, teaches, lectures, and has written numerous books in several fields as well as an internationally certified aromatherapist with her own aromatherapy business ( Rhavda makes the only American made rose oil, teaches, lectures. and does consultations in aromatherapy. She can be reached at for further information.

NUMEROLOGY: The First Source ("Prima Materia") sells for $79.99 US  funds plus postage and sales tax. Email: for more information.

Numerology Charts are also available. Email: for prices and more information.

Specials will be offered in the future.



Specials will be in the future.
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