Sophie Wadsworth
"Letters from Siberia"
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Front Cover of "Letters to Siberia"

Winner of the 2004 Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Award,
published by The Comstock Review

“In poems rich with the felt detail of a passionate settler, Sophie Wadsworth brings to life the experience of her great-grandmother, who, in 1894, went to live in the remote trading post of Vladivostok. The poems bring us from a town in Maine that is ‘prim as a cameo’ to East Siberia, where ‘the ice sets in like a long illness.’ You will meet the wild frontier in these poems: you will also hear the determined, tender voice of a young woman learning to love a new husband and adapt to a new country as it enters an increasingly tragic period in history.”
                                                                          -- Erica Funkhouser

" .... a stunning and ambitious poetic debut."
                                                                -- Laurie Kutchins