Making Tracks on Mars
"Sojourner" Contents

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Courtesy JPL/NASA/Caltech


Table of Contents

The Solar System and Mars



Part 1: Laying the Groundwork

1 Doing What's Never Been Done

2 "Almost as Good as a Bogie"

3 Offroading with No One at the Wheel

4 The Right Place at the Right Time

5 The Big Rover that Never Would

6 The Little Rover that Could

Part 2: Pathfinder

7 A Small Enough Team to Do the Job

8 The Rover War

9 A Design that Really Works

10 Three Rovers

11 Seeing and Believing

12 Two Spacecraft

13 Trial by Centrifuge

14 Can We Talk?

15 The Noise that Wouldn't Die

16 Soul of Sojourner

17 License to Drive

18 Meteorites, Life, and Job Security

Part 3: Going to Mars

19 Even a Journey of a Thousand Miles...

20 Cruisin'

21 So What Are You Going to Do for the next Six Months?

22 Testing, Testing...

23 Moments of Truth

24 Living on Mars Time

25 Will Build Spacecraft for Food



Dramatis Personae



Photographic Credits