ProjectTracker provides centralized tracking and updating of the current state of a project.

Fundamentally, a project consists of milestones and issues. Milestones are measureable progress points (such as "publish v1.0 of document X" or "pass test Y"). Issues typically correspond to decisions that need to be made (such as "where should we go for lunch?"). Occasionally, issues are used as lightweight milestones (such as "generate a list of reviewers").

Projects, milestones and issues can each contain attachments. Attachments are merely named text files which permit attaching arbitrary information (such as meeting minutes).

Milestones can be nested. For example, a milestone called "publish document X" might include a sub milestone called "draft table of contents".

viewing infomation

There are two main types of pages: single item pages and list/filter pages. For example, there is a page for a particular issue that shows all the details of that issue and there is a page that allows filtering and sorting issues. Each single item page shows details of the item (project, milestone, issue, attachment) and has links to the coresponding list/filter pages as well as pages for changing the information.

changing information

Each type of item has separate pages for creating, editing and deleting.

Last updated July 30, 2003