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Listing of Pepsi-Cola Collectibles

Description Price
1969 Pepsi Light-up Clock. Hands are recessed in a round hole with a blue metal background. Plastic face with Pepsi Logo on the top. Enclosed in a metal box . Very good condition. $85
1970's Pepsi Counter Light-up Plastic Clock. 6" x 14" Very nice clock. Has a Pepsi logo on the right side. Underneath the logo is a Drink Pepsi Anytime which lights up. The clock is to the left of the Pepsi Logo. Very good condition. $175
1960's Pepsi Coin Change Mat. Pepsi Logo with "Thank You" on bottom. $45
1940's Pepsi Coaster. $30
Metal Tin Pepsi Thermometer. "Have a Pepsi". Pepsi Bottle Cap on bottom. Sold
1956 Metal Tin Pepsi Thermometer. "Have a Pepsi". Embossed Pespi Bottle Cap on bottom. "The Light Refreshment" on the bottom. 27" tall. $100
Glass Face Pepsi Thermometer. 1960's Square style. "Have a Pepsi". Drink Pepsi. $85
Small Plastic Pepsi Thermometer. $35.00
60's or 70's Pepsi Menu Board. Excellent Condition. Red, White, and Blue Logo. $70.00
Pepsi-Cola Bottle Cap Watch! Very unique. Comes in the original box. Says "Drink Pepsi-Cola" on the face of the watch. Metal watch body in the shape of a bottle cap. Come with battery and red watch band. $40.00
Pepsi Watch. Red band, Blue Band and White watch body. Plastic.Has the Pepsi logo on the watch face. $25.00
1940's Pepsi Metal 6-Pack Carrier $50.00
1950's Pepsi Metal 6-Pack Carrier. Has Red Pepsi Logo and Blue stripes on the middle section. $85.00
Pepsi Plastic 6-Pack Bottle Carrier. Yellow with Pepsi Letters in Black. $30.00
Pepsi 1950's Cardboard 6-Pack Carrier $25.00
1973 Pepsi Clock. 13" x 16", Battery operated plastic. $45.00
Pepsi Wooden Crates $15.95
Pepsi Bottle Opener. Wire style that says: "Drink Pepsi-Cola on the handle. Sold
Pepsi-Cola Airplane Bank. DC-3 airplane with the Pepsi-Cola logo. All metal plane. In original box. $35.00
Pepsi-Cola Vending Machine Bank. Beautiful replica of a Pepsi-Cola Vending Machine. 7" tall, plastic bank that sorts the coins. $16.00
Pepsi Bottle -Small 7oz bottle. Mint and full. Sold
Pepsi Playset. Includes a Yo-Yo, Paddleboard, and Sunglasses. $5.95
Pepsi Playset. Includes a Pepsi Tractor Trailer towing a Pepsi Boat, 1 toy Pepsi Car and 3 Pepsi trucks. $13.95
Pepsi Pin. 3 inch round pin that has the Pepsi logo and says Southern California's Choice. Sold
Pepsi Pinback. 3 inch round pin that has the US map with Red and White Stripes. The Pepsi logo is in the corner and pin says America's Choice. Sold
Pepsi Pinback. 3 inch round pin that has the the Pepsi Logo from the 1960's. Mint condition. $5.00
Pepsi Pinback. 3 inch round pin that has a 6-pack pictured on it. Says "On Sale Now!" Sold
Pepsi 1950's Ashtray Very unique piece. Yellow and white with the Pepsi Bottle Cap Logo in the corner. Sold
Pepsi Drinking Glass. Square Shape with Pepsi Etched into the glass.

$10.00 each

Pepsi Cola Double Dot Decal Sheet. Logos, Bottles and others are on this colorful 20" x 16" sheet. Can be used on machines. $35.00
Pepsi Cola Single Dot Decal Sheet. Logos, Bottles and others are on this colorful 20" x 16" sheet. Can be used on machines. $35.00
Pepsi Drinking Glass. We have 6 oz and 8oz glasses. These have the Pepsi Logo and bottle cap in white lettering. $10.00 each

All Prices are in US dollars unless otherwise specified.


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