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Wet Fueling

Your company will save time and money by having one of our experienced SOC-I fuelers come to your yard to fuel your fleet for you.  Let us develop a fuel program specific to your fleet's needs.  Our drivers will come to your yard at the time you specify, fill each tank, and track the fuel usage for each vehicle.  By bar-coding your fleet, we can provide you with a printout of fuel consumption for each vehicle daily, weekly and monthly.

You receive one invoice, pay one bill, and have the luxury of someone else keeping track of your fleet for you.  All for less than your cost for sending your drivers to fuel their own vehicles at the nearest truck stop.  Take the worry and frustration out of your fuel management with the SOC-I fuel network.

Email us at if you would like more information regarding wet fueling your fleet, or information regarding any of our other fueling programs.