You won't find a more dedicated group than the members of:

The Southern California

Orders and Medals Society

The Southern California Orders & Medals Society (SOCALOMS) invites you to join our organization. We are a group of collectors and researchers interested in awards and medals of all kinds; Military, Civilian, Lifesaving, Olympic, Table Medals, etc.

Many of our members are life long enthusiasts and are considered experts in their fields. We learn from each other and enjoy our common interests and camaraderie at our monthly meetings.

Meetings are held on the last Sunday of every month. We discuss current events in the hobby, U.S. and foreign auctions, conventions and shows. Members are invited to bring an item from their collection to share with the group during a "bring and brag" session.

SOCALOMS is a great group pursuing a great hobby - Medal Collecting. Come join us for a meeting, you'll be most welcome. Should you decide to join our organization, dues are only $10 per year.

Meetings are open to the public and are held on the last Sunday of every month, from noon to about 3 pm. We are currently meeting at the Rio Hondo Golf Club, located at 10627 Old River School Road, Downey, CA 90241.

For more information, please contact one of the following members:
Frank Draskovic, President
Adam Rohloff, Vice President
W. Alden Wright, Secretary-Treasurer
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Also, be sure to check out the "NEW" Orders and Medals Society of America web site.