America, Love it or Leave it!

Updated 11/15/08

Our great nation has made it's choice for President and what a disgrace. The voters here have no limit to their selfishness and
ignorance. We have placed in power a Socialist/Marxist leader that has no experience and a questionable background at best.
Barack Hussein Obama would not release his birth records and is not eligible to be President of the United States.
The Liberal Courts with their own Socialist agenda dismissed the court case to not upset the campaign process and the Liberal
Leftist Media totally ignored this issue since it was their candidate that it was about. Had it been about John McCain it would have been
the center piece of every news cast. Our President elect was put in place by the greatest sharade I have ever seen. What a sorry time in US history
Obama will raise our taxes to a level that will destroy the working class and our economy. We will lose even more jobs to forign
countries and unemployment will rise to an all time high. Obama's stand on the war, that the Democrats really committed us to is
treasonous. Read this : Forgotten History For more the Media does not want you to know go here : Patriot Post

When are the citizens of this great nation going to wake up and insist that Washington take action against the illegal
imigrants here in the US? Some say we should build a wall between the US and Mexico. I say BS!!! We would have no illegals
if they could not get a job here. It is way over due to start enforcing law by sending the illegals back to where they came
from and coming down hard on anyone that employs an illegal. We cannot afford to pay for their health insurance and for
the crimes they commit. It is just crazy to think this problem will go away by ignoring it. Please petition your Congressmen
and Senators to do something about this.

All of us that want to preserve this great country and it's moral standards must band together to stop the Democrats,
Liberal Media and special interest groups from turning the United States into a Socialist/Communist country that
will have no defense. Make no mistake about it, that is what the Democratic party is all about. This is truely a
good versus evil battle like the war on terrorism is Christian versus non-christian battle. Again, those of us that
care and support ONE NATION UNDER GOD must rally against these evil members of society! Say no to new taxes!
Say no to the imoral concepts of the Democrats! Say no to terrorism going unchecked!
Unfortunatly, we continue to elect Democrats and now they have the majoriety. BO...Can you smell the change?
Lets Stop showing terrorists that we are a weak and stupid nation that has no spine and will bow to their animalistic nature.
How soon we forget the 3000 killed by the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

To all of you that are opposed to our actions in Iraq and the war on terrorism : You can fight them over there or you can
fight them here in our back yards! It's that simple! I would rather see the countries that harbor terrorists suffer the
damaging effects of battle than having that environment right here. The best defense is a mighty offense!

Many thanks go out to our troops, those of the UK and our allies for doing a brilliant job in Iraq and Afganistan.
We are proud of you and indebted to you for our freedom!

We WILL cling to our Religion and guns...and the rest of the Constitution as well!!!
God Bless America, our Military and the true Patriots

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