Expanded Snow White Info - New List of Unindicted Co-conpirators

This list of names comes from additional documents relating to the Snow White convictions, and includes names that weren't found on my original list of unindicted co-conspirators. Please send any and all information about the whereabouts of these individuals to me for inclusion in the next phase of the GO Roundup.

Joseph Alesi (NOTE - Possibly the same individual on the original list under the name "Joe Lisa."

Peeter Alvet

Jim Douglas

Nancy Douglas ("Pitts")

Jim Fiducia

Janet Finn

Richard Kimmel

Gary Lawrence

John Luke

John Matoon

Lexie Ramirez

Bruce Raymond (aka Randy Windment)

Chuck Reese

Tom Reitze

Mary Rezzonico

Hugh Wilhere

Lt Warren Young (San Diego police)

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