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July, 1998

L. Ron Hubbard Library threatens suit over GO Network Orders!

On Friday, July 16th, GO Roundup editrix tallulah@storm.ca received a cease and desist order from Toronto-based IP lawyer Tim Sinnott, of the firm Bereskin and Howe, over her mirror of the OSA/GO Network Orders.
Sinnott claims that the documents posted online, which include extensive commentary from former scientologist Perry Scott, violate his client's copyright, and fall outside the 'fair dealing' exemption. Since receiving Sinnott's mail, the pages in question have been edited to fully compy with fair dealing under Canadian copyright law.
An added bonus - it turns out that L. Ron Hubbard is eminently more readable when edited, pruned and paraphrased heavily. Check out the new, 90% Source-free NWOs today!

It may be summer siesta time for the rest of you, but GO wranglers have been hard at work on another major update!

New additions to the GO Roundup pages

(What is it with ex-GO guys and the security/investigation biz, anyway?)

Updated information on previously spotted GO kids, too!

Mary Sue Hubbard back onlines? Our anonymous correspondent says it's true. Find out what Big Blue Building might be the new spiritual headquarters for the Commodore's widow.

He's still the hands-down favourite felon for our readers, but apparently, senior management at The Software Works may not agree. Henning Heldt has left TSW, and is back in the saddle at Los Angeles-based advertising firm Dohring, Inc. Both Henning and his wife, Mary, have been generous IAS donors in years past, so for the sake of the warchest, we hope his new job didn't mean a cut in salary.

What do Duke Snider and Tom Reitze have in common? Other than the fact that they're both ex-GO agents, of course? Both men are currently working for scientologist-owned insurance company David Morse and Associates.

Belated congratulations to one of two GO alums to turn pro: Kendrick Moxon, longtime CoS attorney and unindicted co-conspirator has a new partner: the one and only Helena Kobrin. Legendary for her enthusiastic, if misguided, efforts to stamp out online entheta wherever it may be lurking, Helena is sure to make a fine addition to Team Moxon. Just remember, you kids - as officers of the court, wog laws do apply.

Joe Lisa surfaces? A curious call to a radio show suggests that one ex-GO agent has a story to tell.

March 7, 1998

Major update at the GO Roundup!

Oh, that Henning!
Judging from reader response to these pages, Henning Heldt is far and away the most eagerly sought ex-con GO felon on the site! GO wranglers know what you want, and we've got it - more Henning info, complete with an up-to-date employment record. We also have a special treat - Henning himself, speaking in a letter of protest he sent to CBS over the Public Eye segment on Lisa McPherson. Keep those tidbits coming, folks.

GO Fixer turns WISE guy
Henning may face some serious competition, however, now that we've located Brian Andrus, the GO co-conspirator who somehow managed to escape indictment for kidnapping and holding hostage eventual state witness Michael Meisner (still, alas, MIA). Andrus turns up as moderator of a meeting held by WISE company TradeNet, currently under investigation for fraud in three states, and also provides a letter praising the merits of LRH tech from British Petroleum to TNX readers.

A finger in every pie
Once you spot a GO unindicted co-con, they turn up every where you look. Michael Baum, recently located as a partner at LA firm Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, Guilford & Downey, is up to his neck in the brewing scandal surrounding Digital Lightwave Inc..A major shareholder at the company's IPO, Baum may be implicated further when the barrage of class action lawsuits against DIGL hit the courts. Also uncovered: BHAGD's recent "victory against the psych empire".

Founding felon rewrites history?
From the unintentional irony department: unindicted co-conspirator Arte Maren turns up as president of the Oldtimers Network.

More GO unindicted co-conspirators found!
Meet Michael Baum, former GO operative turned ambulance-chaser, as well as Charles Parselle, who managed, in one fell swoop, to find himself both exonerated as a Snow White operative and implicated as a player in the great corporate reorganization fraud of the early 80s.  

Also updated - the curious case of Joe Lisa, who may have also participated in GO ops under the name Joseph Alesi. Another man with two names, or just another one of those wacky scientology coincidences?

Expanded list of co-conspirators!
Okay, so we missed a few names the first time around the track. Nobody's perfect. Join the hunt for the current whereabouts of this previously unlisted crop of unindicted co-conspirators. Extensive update coming soon.

Coming soon to a milk carton near you!
It pays to have friends with deep archives. Vintage pix of convicted GO felon Henning Heldt, dressed up for the press and engaging in a little street theatre in protest of the Snow White raids.

Copyrights ahoy!
What does outdated copyright law have to do with a dead Commodore's wife? Find out in the updated entry on GO Felon #1 Mary Sue Hubbard.


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