Snow White Revisited, or
A Scientology Fairy Tale

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Once upon a time, in a place surprisngly not all that far, far away, eleven members of the Church of Scientology were sent to prison for their attempts to infiltrate the United States government to steal "damaging" information and collect blackmail material for future use.

According to the CoS version of this fairy tale, this audacious plan - known as "Operation Snow White" within the upper echelon Guardian's Office which put it into effect for several years, was not merely the logical progression of CoS founder L. Ron Hubbard's well known persecution complex, growing paranoia and fetish for complex conpiracy theories and imaginary spy games.

It was, instead, the result of "infiltration" of the GO by unspecified enemy agents, and was immediately halted when it came to the attention of church management. (Oddly, this coincided with the infiltration attempts coming to the attention of some of the government agencies involved, particularly  longtime CoS nemesis the IRS. But I digress.)

When the scandalous truth about Operation Snow White became public, those responsible for its implementation -- in fact, anyone who knew of, or participated in its activities -- were uncovered, thrown out of the church, and banned from future employment, and the entire Guardian's Office network was shut down.

Or so the fairy tale goes.

Call me incredulous, slam me for cynicism, but I had a lingering suspicion that the report of the GO's demise - not to mention the expulsion of its former members -- was greatly exaggerated.
Even if these miscreants had indeed been expunged from the church, I was curious as to what had become of them after their removal, and, in some cases, conviction and prison term.
So I posted a request for information on a.r.s., and the GO Roundup was born. Whether or not the collective findings of a.r.s, as compiled and annotated by this humble editor, have shown the official position to be somewhat less than completely accurate is left as an exercise to the reader.

I am still actively seeking information on the current whereabouts and activities of GO alumni, from the notorious GO 11 to the unindicted co-conpirators named in the Stipulations of Evidence used in court, as well as those who, for whatever reason, escaped distinction during the collapse of Snow White. If you have any information on any of these individuals, particularly those who are - as yet - Missing In Action, please send it to me, or post it to a.r.s.

I'm also interested in hearing from former GO folks themselves. There are a lot of unanswered questions about Operation Snow White, and the Guardian's Office from whence it spawned. The confidentiality of all correspondents shall be respected.

For more information on the Guardian's Office, Operation Snow White, and other CoS intrigues, there is no better source of information than Scientology's Secret Service, an extensive collection of information relating to its rise, fall and secret rebirth.

For detailed information about the inner workings of some Guardian Officers, as well as evidence that CoS founder and unindicted co-conspirator L. Ron Hubbard was far more aware of the GO's activities than is claimed by the CoS, visit the excellent OSA Network Orders Page, which provides both source documents and extensive analysis and background material.

For other ongoing information harvests by the folks who brought you the GO Roundup, visit Loose Ends Central.

And of course, for a wealth of information on all aspects of Scientology, there is Operation Clambake.

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