Henning speaks!

An irate letter of protest to CBS from convicted felon and longtime scientologist Henning Heldt:

Hello TNX'ers,

CBS needs to hear from you regarding the Public Eye piece they did last night. It was straight out of the "yellow journalism" toilet, and they need to hear this. The email address is:


Here is a copy of our letter. I imagine that your local Church DSA would appreciate a copy of what you send.

--Henning Heldt
Tujunga, CA

TO: Public Eye
FROM: Henning and Mary Heldt

The Public Eye segment on Scientology and the tragic death of one of its
members, Lisa McPherson, is an example of the type of journalism that has
brought the press into its current low repute. It is bad journalism
because it was created and slanted to serve a few with vested interests -
an attorney hoping to fund his retirement with a large judgement, a
relative who cared nothing for Lisa in life but hopes to gain financially
from her death, and a few who make their meager life's work spreading lies
and hate about Scientology.

The number of Scientology bashers are infinitesimal when compared to those
who are helped by a philosophy intended to make man free. My wife and I
have been members of the Church for more than thirty years and have found
the philosophy and its practical applications to have made life better for
ourselves, our child (now a successful adult) and those around us. It is
not only the brightest lights in Hollywood that say Scientology works, it
is the tens of thousands of everyday people who take courses and
counseling in Scientology churches around the world every week. Assemble
the hate mongers like Dennis Erlich and his associates and count them.
Don't worry, it won't take long.

Do the hate mongers devote their careers or use what was once leisure time
to get people off drugs, to rehabilitate criminals, to bring literacy to
those who can't read or study? They do not. Spewing venom is their full
time job. Do the hate mongers spend their own time and money studying and
counseling to improve their lives and awareness? No they do not.
Scientologists, on the other hand, do - and find themselves ridiculed on
CBS because they care about themselves and the world around them.

There is a real story in this tragic death and its aftermath. It is a
story that would serve the interests of the vast majority who would like
to contribute to a bettered civilization. The story revolves around the
question of why a local government official would lie about Lisa
McPherson's autopsy and destroy original records for the purpose of
attacking the Church of Scientology. Clearwater has an extremely unusual
history of antagonism to the Church going back 20 years - could the current
obstruction of justice undertaken by Joan Wood be connected in some
way? Real journalists serving the interests of the majority rather than
vested interest of a tiny few might have found the story. But it would
have take real work, real guts, real know-how. One wonders if these traits
still exist on prime time TV today. So much easier to play to man's basest
instincts - hatred of that with which he is not familiar.

Yours truly,

Henning and Mary Heldt
Tujunga, California

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