Brian Andrus - Making it go right for TradeNet

Brian Andrus, unindicted Operation Snow White co-conspirator, brings his expertise as "moderator" to a meeting of TradeNet executives in Clearwater, Florida on August 15, 1997.

(Note: All excerpts taken from tapes of the meeting, subpoenaed by the Florida Attorney General and painstakingly transcribed by Mark Dallara.)

Brian gets the ball rolling:

And Alberto Guerrero's here, Lilly Guerrero, Lynn Irons, Bill Cooper and Jennifer Kemp, Syivia Annau, Erwin Annau and myself, Brian Andrus. So we're going to have a meeting. What I want to do if it's OK with you guys is kind of MC it, if that's alright. Is that OK? MC it, kind of control it - is that alright with everybody? (Yup.) OK, great.

[ ... ]

Well, alright, now that everybody's that, that's that. My purpose here is basically to be a facilitator, to help this discussion move along. Because I can see everybody is completely keyed out, (laughing) and I can see that just by my own eyes, so it should go very well. Um, there is - you know, at the end of all this, there is some agreements that I mocked up which I would like all of you - and this time I did include everybody - which is "In lieu of agreements signed on this day that are contain other documents, which we can look over and talk about, which aren't even addressed yet - involving all parties below, the following is the list of the exchanges between all parties which is in effect today and in the future. 1. All parties agree to treat each other with all due respect outside of this agreement and into the future. 2. All parties agree to support as possible the efforts of one another relative to their own well being. 3. No parties are to natter about another who is not present and natter is not to be communicated to another or others. I think I've covered all flows on that. 4. (Lynn: Can you natter to yourself about if you're a xxx, about yourself?) (laughter) That's not covered by the agreement.

Brian gets down to business with soon-to-be TradeNet scapegoat Erwin Annau:

Alright. Um, what I observed is you have - there's two entities here in this - and the group does not - and that is you brought up some points; the only point to add to that is we don't have it here exactly but what I've been briefed on is by Eve is just the legal ramifications, and that makes me concerned, relative to what with Sylvia and the family being here and being able - need to be here, and he hasn't had the benefit of talking to his attorneys yet so he hasn't been briefed on that. I'm not privy to that so I don't know. What I know from talking to other legal sources is that a severing of connection with TradeNet, Top Marketing and CleanEarth is in order; um, it's not out of a - any animosity or a games condition but out of the actual legal rudiments. The actual legal...and that's something that youll need to get when you talk to your attorney.

Brian shows the communication skills for which scientology is renowned:

...and I was in this situation, I would truly safeguard, because my und- I may have some missing data here but my understanding are like inter-connected, CleanEarth and Top Marketing, TradeNet, and, and, if I wanted to really safeguard my family and my kids I would just - I would be ask and be granted the time to set it up, to get it operationally running, and then just cut the connection because that would safeguard me, it would safeguard me, I have a business plan, I have some kind of company that has a couple of people, and I'd have uh, some kind of - whatever, whatever has to be set up. That would be in place, though. So it was in place and operational so by the time your extension comes up, I should think it's the beginning 1998, then it's like in place, they'd accept the application, it's like not a problem. I don't know how long it would take as far as the - when you put an application, it may take a day, a week, a couple of weeks, I don't know. That is my - one - one of my main concerns, just from what I - for me personally from what I know. The best place well, not the only - well the only place from your particular case, I don't think yours, but the best place to make yourself available - this ties into my second point - is, as far as the tech and things like that, and getting things, uh - which - again, to give this as personal but just for me it would be that important is the Flag Land Base. So I would want to-make sure I don't - I have that ability.

(Erwin) What?

(Brian) To have that ability, to be here and receive services, because obviously if one gets reported, they're not going to be able to go get services somewhere. So that's, that's probably a major concern. The second concern would probably be - and I'm just thinking of things that I've thought of...I'll just wait a second...

(Brian) Um, that is sort of the first point to say, and that leads to the second point which is the situation which is part of what Lynn had said which as far as the out-PR, which is handling - you haven't had the benefit, maybe you have, I don't know if you've seen OSA yet, I don't know.

Now that he's brought in the big guns with a reference to OSA, the agency most likely to strike fear into the hearts of scientologists far and near (and, coincidentally, the successor to the Guardian's Office which employed Andrus before the Snow White raids, from which all agents had allegedly been expelled, never again to be permitted to hold   a staff position with the CoS), Andrus lays it on the line for Erwin:

Not to mix Church and business, but some businesses are run by people involved in the Church who feel very strongly about it, and they have a moral code, and they - uh it's not illegal to have a business moral code...

(Erwin) That's true....

(Brian) That's a second issue which you don't have the benefit of talking to them as yet about. But I think it's more serious than you currently estimate or imagine, I think it's very important and - that you don't - let's say you can live here in Clearwater in the area which is fine, but you're not allowed to even go on the Base for service because of whatever.

(Erwin) Who said that.

(Brian)  It's - I'm just - I - I'm just saying there's gradients. What I can tell you specifically was said, is that, uh, you're walking on thin ice. You're on, you're on thin ice right now. Um. I honestly think it's - what that means xxx think it's more serious than, well, I don't think, I know it is. I mean whenever I get requested by people to do something like that when I've got a situation to handle...

(Erwin) Yeah?

(Brian) I never - I just never would...but for me, it's for me it's that important and there is an altered importance there, in my mind.

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