Big Wins for Operation Snow White Unindicted Co-Conspirators Brian Andrus and L. Ron Hubbard (dec'd)!

From Brian Andrus, to TNX:

I wanted to share a recognition received recently from British Petroleum of Southern Africa. This is available for anyone who is working on opening a corporate door and could use an outside recognition of LRH and LRH administrative technology in doing so. This product was due to the efforts of Meir Ezra, CEO of PUSH, S.A.; Bill Johonnesson, CEO of Expansion Managment; myself, and mostly LRH!

Let me know by separate e-mail if you'd like a copy. (Note: "FuelMaster" is a high tech refuelling system, and the team of 20 BPSA execs working on it are analogous to a Division 7 special project.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------

December 22, 1997

Dear Meir,


I address this letter to you in order to acknowledge the contribution of the administrative technology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard to my management of the FuelMaster project. It is unfortunate that there appears to have been some lack of understanding by others of what Mr. Hubbard has developed and presented to the world as a result of his works in various areas.

Without reservation, I can say that from what I have learned and applied, this technology is extremely valuable. I have had the opportunity to apply various parts of the technology over the last half of this year. A few of these tools - the management by statistics, the fundamentals and use of the organizing board, the concept of the product and valuable final product, and the principles involved with exchange - have proven their mettle in our business environment. And, it is able to do so due to the deep, fundamental, yet inherently simple nature of the technology.

As discussed at our year-end activities, there are principles that have come to be "successful actions" for our year. These include the use and value of statistics, the importance of ensuring there is no misunderstood terminology, the principle known as "exchange in abundance", the naming of valuable final products, and more. I was not aware of the uniqueness of this technology, when compared to the various others that exist today. Mr. Hubbard has undoubtedly done a tremendous service to the world through development of such technology.

I am not fully cognizant of all of the additional management tools that exist. But, I thank you for introducing me to this technology. I have no doubts as to its workability and value, as I have created the results myself as well as observing it with my other senior managers.

Sincere thanks for introducing me to Mr. Hubbard's valuable management technology.

Kind Regards, (signed) Bill Burridge FuelMaster Manager ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Best Regards, Brian Andrus currently in Clearwater

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