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As a collector of random information, I can't think of a more divinely frustrating source for unanswered questions than the myriad of mysteries surrounding the Church of Scientology.

As a long-time a.r.s lurker and IRC habitué, I have gotten in the habit of trying to track down some of these loose ends, in hopes that perhaps one day, someone will find my investigative wool-gathering comes in handy. If not, so be it. Everybody has to do something, so why shouldn't I do this?

Most of my research relies heavily on the extensive sources of information about the CoS already available online, but I also make use of search engines, Usenet databases and -- more than anything -- the collected knowledge of the many ex-scientologists, sceptics and other critics who have shared their personal experiences, research and findings with the world.

This page is still very much in embryonic form. Have patience - there is considerably more material on the way, despite the chaotic work schedule and dreadful time management skills of its author. If you have a suggestion for a loose end that I might want to track down -- or at least follow till the trail runs cold -- please send me email.

Loose Ends now online

Snow White Revisited - Guardian's Office Alumni: Where are they now? (Updated with cool new information and pics!)
The Mysterious "Marty" Mark Rathbun - Life and Times

New and Intriguing:
Reading the entrails - An anonymous report on alleged CoS financial misdealing

The Burglary Hat - Breaking and Entering OSA Way

Works in Progress

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Mysterious Case of the Church for Spiritual Technology

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