Chonerhinos modestus Puffer Fish Lair

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Chonerhinos modestus is rarely seen in the local fish shop. I originally thought mine were Xenopterus naritus, but upon finding more photos in colour, I now know them to be C. modestus.

They seem to be piscivores, eating other fish happily. Other activities may also include fin nipping and scale eating of fish too large for them to kill outright. My particular individual Was happy eating brine shrimp, mysis, bits of krill and raw shrimp, and whatever else I put into the tank. He was housed alone, due to the aggressive nature he possesses.

He did seem to have a rather frantic personality, obtaining the pictures above was a challenge as he is always on the move, usually the up and down against the glass routine. The teeth are very pointed and protrude out from the lips. As a result, any flat object is given precise cookie cutter holes.

They do not tolerate being housed with their own species, and I did find this out the hard way. Initial observation of interaction showed tolerance as juveniles, but as they matured, fights over food items became more frequent. Before I could house them separately, the larger individual killed the smaller.

I am still seeking more information about this species, but there just are not many references available.