Winds of Change

MultiJazz Records 1990

The Music

  1. Night Lights (6:44)
  2. Rapture of the Deep (5:58)
  3. Tenor Twelve (7:32)
  4. Jeremy (2:16)
  5. Life Wish (6:49)
  6. East Harlem Scuffle (6:02)
  7. For Someone I Once Knew (8:08)
  8. You've Changed (2:50)
  9. Life Wish (Take 2) (6:47)
  10. Jeremy (Take 2) (2:17)
All compositions by Scott Robinson, MultiJazz Music BMI, except YOU'VE CHANGED (Carey-Discher, Melody Lane Publ. BMI).


The Artists


Liner Notes

WINDS OF CHANGE ... changing winds. That's what jazz musician Scott Robinson does all the time. From Trumpet to tenor saxophone, flute to bass sax, cornet to valve trombone - wherever the music takes him. But when I went to write a few words about Scott for this album, he asked that maybe I shouldn't make a big deal about it. Never mind that only a handful of players in the entire history of jass music, including no less than Benny Carter and Ira Sullivan, have been able to do that - to be utterly fluent and at home with both reed and brass instruments! My guess is that perhaps Scott was afraid that people might view this versatility as a kind of gimmick, at the expense of serious jazz music. But no such impression is possible once one listens to this, his second album. This is definitive, original jazz music.


"JAZZ CRITICS AND LISTENERS OFTEN have a tendency to pigeonhole musicians into narrow stylistic categories. But you simply can't do this in the case of Scott Robinson. Having worked with him on a number of occasions, I have found that he is truly a man who has chosen to follow his own path, but who never loses sight of the traditions of the music. Whether he's playing just one instrument, or a combination of horns on a particular piece, his music is creative and original - and always swinging. I'm sure that after listening to his new album, you'll find that Scott, still in his twenties, will be an important figure in the future of jazz music."


Music, for me, is a kind of alchemy - a transformation of feelings and ideas into sound. All experiences, from the joyous to the most painful, are potential raw materials for musical expression. Changes in life bring about changes in the music. The compositions on the album reflect a variety of events and impressions which have affected my music in the last few years. NIGHT LIGHTS was written late one night in Canada, after watching the northern lights play across the sky. RAPTURE OF THE DEEP is a somewhat euphoric piece which features the deep, resonant sound of the bass saxophone, an instrument I plan to use more in the future. It is in 7/4 meter with a duple bass drum figure. Bass flute is also heard here. TENOR TWELVE is a rather conventional 12-bar blues for the tenor sax. I switch to trumpet later in the piece for a brief exchange with the drums. JEREMY is for my little nephew, who I am sorry I will never meet. Like his life, it is short, yet filled with hope. EAST HARLEM SCUFFLE reflects the flavor of my surroundings in "El Barrio," where I have lived for several years. The lively rhythms of the Latino community are celebrated in this piece. FOR SOMEONE I ONCE KNEW is a sound partrait in remembrance of my mother. It combines gentleness and beauty with inner turmoil, ending in a peaceful but lonely silence. LIFE WISH is my response to the increasing preoccupation with death and violence in newspapers, TV and films. It is a reaffirmation of the value of life - and my thankfulness for living.



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