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Cover painting by Richard Powers; used by agreement with the estate. Artwork copyright © The Estate of Richard M. Powers.

The Music

All compositions by Scott Robinson, MultiSonic Music, BMI
  1. Nucleus (2:02)
    JT: bass SR: tenor sax

  2. Charged Particles (2:10)
    JT: Hammond M3 SR: Hammond RT-3

  3. Meson (1:22)
    JT: bass SR: clarinet

  4. Stellar Winds (1:49)
    JT: bass banjo SR: bass sax

  5. Spiral Arm (3:57)
    JT; bass SR: theremin through Leslie speaker

  6. Submolecular Structure #2 (2:24)
    JT: bass marimba SR: bass marimba

  7. Nucleonic Dance (2:12)
    JT: bass SR: tenor sax

  8. Molecular Cloud (3:20)
    JT: electronic harpsichord, wind machine SR: vibraphone, bass marimba, buzz marimba, tuned cowbells, siren, washboard, ratchet, gong

  9. Fluxion (1:50)
    JT: bass SR: slide saxophone

  10. Heavy Elements (1:12)
    JT: bass banjo SR: bass sax

  11. Gravitational Lens (3:32)
    JT: Hammond M3 SR: Hammond RT-3

  12. Submolecular Structure #5 (1:52)
    JT: bass marimba SR: bass marimba

  13. Muon (:52)
    JT: bass SR: clarinet

  14. Cosmonucleonics (2:16)
    JT: bass SR: tenor sax

  15. Dark Matter (3:19)
    JT: bass SR: contrabass clarinet

  16. Atomicity (1:18)
    JT: bass w/ guitar pick SR: sopranino sax

  17. Synchrotron (2:19)
    JT: bass SR: bass sax

  18. Proplyd (1:00)
    JT: bass SR: C-melody sax

  19. Nebulosity (3:54)
    JT: bass drum SR: bass clarinet

  20. RF Transmission (5:27)
    JT: bass SR: R.F. signal generator, RCA test oscillator, optical theremin, muson

  21. Time Weeps (4:10)
    JT: bass SR: alto sax

  22. Molecular Space (1:52)
    JT: electronic harpsichord, wind machine SR: vibraphone, bass marimba, buzz marimba, tuned cowbells, siren, washboard, ratchet

  23. Isospin (1:00)
    JT: bass SR: echo cornet

  24. Dark Energy (1:07)
    JT: bass SR: contrabass sarrusophone

  25. Ionosphere (3:43)
    JT: bass SR: trautonium through Leslie speaker, Hammond RT-3

  26. Instanton (:10)
    JT: bass w/ guitar pick SR: sopranino sax

  27. Electron Pair (1:32)
    JT: bass SR: alto sax


The Artists


Notes About the CD

Jules and I have been playing wildly creative music together in duo and other formats since 1977. Incredibly, we have never before recorded a duo project - a longstanding oversight that I am glad to finally correct with this release. - Scott Robinson

Jules and Scott gave me a night of music I'll never forget. It was abstract, but at the same time felt utterly composed... changing from moving harmony and melodies to ephemeral sound sculptures. I was blown away... I couldn't tell who was leading and who was following, and I'd bet they couldn't either. This is music not to be missed. Who needs a composer with two masterful and connected individuals such as this? - Grammy-winning composer Maria Schneider

"This CD is so amazing... what a wonderful idea!" - Roscoe Mitchell

All sounds recorded at ScienSonic Laboratories, Teaneck NJ. Tracks 2, 6, 11, 12, 15, 19, 24 recorded Aug. 14, 2007. Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 14, 17, 18, 21, 23, 25, 27 recorded Aug. 15, 2007. Tracks 13 & 20 recorded Nov. 8, 2007. Tracks 4, 8, 10, 16, 22, 26 recorded June 5, 2009. All music was entirely improvised with little or no prior discussion, and is presented without the use of edits or overdubs. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Robinson. Additional mastering by Jon Rosenberg.

Special thanks to Sharon Robinson, Eddy Davis, Rich Powers, Tair Powers, Jane Frank, Alan Nahigian, Tommy DiPippo, Frank Reilly, Maria Schneider. RF Transmission is dedicated to Rob Fisher.

All compositions by Scott Robinson and Julian Thayer, published by MultiSonic Music, BMI & ScienSonic Music, ASCAP. Titles by Scott Robinson.


How To Use This CD

Years of planning and effort have gone into the production of this ScienSonic recording. Science and Sound have been skillfully brought together by our team of experts to craft a unique listening experience. We at ScienSonic Laboratories think of this CD as more than just an audio document. To us, it is also a means of transportation, and we want you, our valued listener, to have as transporting an experience as possible. With that in mind, we provide a few helpful guidelines for its optimal use:

-- Use of this CD in the stereo system of a moving vehicle is not recommended, as this can be detrimental both to the auditory experience and to vehicular safety.

-- This recording is best listened to in a quiet, distraction-free environment, free from other activities or tasks, through high-quality stereo speakers or headphones. Complete concentration will yield best results.

-- We respectfully suggest that the listener experience each entire disc from beginning to end without interruption, as great care has been taken to ensure that the programming provides an optimal listening experience.

-- The high-quality artwork accompanying all ScienSonic releases has been carefully selected for its beneficial effects upon the imagination. Keep it handy when listening!

-- Our ScienSonic products have been carefully designed with you, the creative and adventurous listener, in mind. Anyone can be a creative listener! All that is required is a healthy imagination and a willingness to let this music guide you wherever both you and it seem inclined to go. Concern for such categorical distinctions as “music/non-music”, “tonal/non-tonal”, etc., would likely hinder this process.

-- After listening, a brief “cooling down” period, free of strenuous activity such as operating heavy machinery, is suggested.

-- Repeat listenings are encouraged. Listeners are kindly invited to share their experiences with us at:

We at ScienSonic Research Laboratories hold our adventurous and high-spirited listeners in high esteem, and we humbly thank you for your interest in our work. Please “keep an ear out” for our future endeavors which will include many exciting and far-reaching projects. Thank you, be safe, and have a good trip!

Your ScienSonic Research Laboratory Technicians

“Worlds of Tomorrow through Sound”


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