Scott Robinson Plays the Compositions of Louis Armstrong

Arbors 2004

The Music

  1. Potato Head Blues
    (Louis Armstrong) (6:15)
    TS and Bass Sax

  2. Lazy 'Sippi Steamer Going Home
    (Victor Selsman, Luis Russel, Louis Armstrong) (4:50)
    C-Melody Sax

  3. Irish Black Bottom
    (Louis Armstrong, Percy Venable) (4:49)

  4. Gutbucket Blues
    (Louis Armstrong) (3:25)

  5. Cornet Chop Suey
    (Louis Armstrong) (5:01)
    Echo Cornet

  6. Gully Low Blues
    (Louis Armstrong) (5:22)
    TS and Bass Sax

  7. When You Leave Me Alone to Pine
    (Lil Harden, Louis Armstrong)
    F-Mezzo Soprano Sax

  8. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya
    (Louis Armstrong, Don Redman) (4:32)
    Baritone Sax

  9. Someday You'll Be Sorry
    (Louis Armstrong) (6:42)
    Double Bell Euphonium

  10. Wild Man Blues
    (Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton) (4:05)
    Bass Sax

  11. Red Cap
    (Ken Hecht, Louis Armstrong) (4:48)
    C-Melody Sax

  12. Yes! I'm In The Barrel
    (Louis Armstrong) (5:06)

  13. Swing That Music
    (Horace Gerlach, Louis Armstrong) (5:50)

  14. Tears
    (Lil and Louis Armstrong) (5:35)

All selections arranged by Scott Robinson


The Artists


Liner Notes

by W. Royal Stokes

A Postscript from Scott

from the Original Weill Recital Hall program note of March 1 1994

Louis Armstrong is an American hero. "He was born poor, died rich and never hurt anyone along the way", said Duke Ellington. During his climb from pennilessness to international acclaim, he created music of unparalleled brilliance and soaring beauty.

Many of his nearly five decades of recordings are as startling, even avant-garde, today as when they were made. Armstrong was and is king of American music. Yet few of us realize the immensity of his accomplishment.

Many know Armstrong primarily as a singer and "entertainer" - yet he was a virtuoso trumpeter whose contributions to melody and rhythm are immeasurable. If his instrumental gifts are sometimes overlooked, his compositional talents are even more so.

Armstrong created original tunes with a great deal of character - some in collaboration with other artists, but all bearing the Armstrong mark of melodic beauty and rhythmic sophistication.

It is part of the jazz tradition to seek out good material and present it from an original perspective, and it is in this spirit that we have prepared these arrangements of 14 of Armstrong's works.

We hope you will enjoy our original interpretations of the compositions of Louis Armstrong.

Scott Robinson


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