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Officially launched 12-22-2010, ,
 hosted by
Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution
is dedicated to addressing the future of Santa Monica Airport (SMO).
Now is the time to focus on the future of the
227 acres of land that is now Santa Monica Airport.
(We are not affiliated with the City of Santa Monica.)

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I think that all relating to this airport must go through a regular public process; and that it is way past time for this airport to be relocated to a safe area in the outlying areas. People safety must come first before pleasurecraft.




Carol Beck


YES!! Shut it down and convert to something more offering more jobs and a place more people can enjoy.

What about a 18 hole championship golf course with hotel resort etc? Build it with idea to attract a future US Open, President's Cup or Ryder Cup. Build it with strong committment to junior golf to give more kids chance to play the game.


By R


I do think a golf course would be a good idea as long as the links aren't fertilized with chemicals - but something organic.  


I guess the rain is leaving us.  Here comes the noisy old planes.  Yuck.






Defence anything is not sustainable, and invites a violent element into Santa Monica.

Golf courses in this country use as much water as the residents.


I vote for an expansion of SMC.  Training/ teaching green technology, nonviolent conflict resolution, environmental clean up.


Low income housing, transition housing.  We do have a homeless problem.


A municipal place to make and store mulch, compost, firewood all harvested from Santa Monica


A construction exchange.  doors, windows, wood, bricks etc removed for remodeling/ construction    



a place to fly kites


S White


Dear SMO 2015,


My vision for the airport is something that is extremely special for the future of our children and their children's children.  The Native American Indians had a very logical and fruitful way of seeing the world.  In their philosophy nothing should be done to the planet, they so revered, that would not benefit the next 7 generations.


For the first time in my life I see an opportunity to create something that will certainly benefit the next 7 generations and does not deal with special interests, big money developers, or the privatizing of public space.


Please consider pulling up all the concrete and paved areas and planting a botanical gardens.  We could leave the wonderful surrounding park areas and aviation buildings for historical purposes but we could actually "unpave paradise" for our children and the multitude of visitors to this new attraction.  Imagine what this would say to the world about the priorities of Santa Monica, California, and the United States.


Surrounding the botanical gardens we could have low-cost senior citizen housing along with low-cost pre-schools for our children.  The children and senior citizens could be active with the gardens as well as being in close proximity they could bring wisdom and joy to each other.


This honors our past and future as well as builds something that will improve the environment by giving this land a region where rain can be captured and saved instead of running off to the ocean.  This will allow us to prevent the pollution that has been saturating our neighborhoods and schools and replace it with a region that will be contributing to the health of our planet.


How often does an opportunity exist that something like the above could be possible.  Once in a lifetime and after this maybe never again.


Charles L. Blum, DC

Santa Monica, CA


How about turning it into the Golden Gate Park of Southern California?



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