WELCOME to my personal pages!


Hi again! I'm Stefin Collins.


I'm an actor who lives & works in the beautiful "City By The Bay"... San Francisco.


In the following pages you will find information about my passions: theatre, art, and some of my old friends. You will also find links to theaters, which I find useful and fun.


I have two Bachelor Degrees. One in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University in 2004 and the other in ASL from Cal State Northridge (CSUN) 1998.

My professional actor web site (www.stefincollins.com) has details and photos from MOST of my shows.  I am a non equity actor, and member of Theatre Bay Area, as well as, current company member of Custom Made Theatre Company and Left Coast Theatre Company.  I am also the former company manager for Custom Made Theatre (2010-2016).  On the following pages- I have some show photo, from when I was at SFSU and involved with San Francisco Free Civic Theatre 2002-2004. 

Check out my actor website to find out new stuff about me and my life as an actor.

Cheers! Stefin




Stefin Collins- Actor




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