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My files contain 1965 indexed surnames, 9860 individuals, summarized in descendants' trees on this site. These are the ancestors, descendants and related lines of my wife and me.  To protect the privacy of living people, only their names and relationships are shown.

In a separate section there are documents and links I found useful for searching in Canada, Ireland and Italy, as well as in the states of Vermont and New York.

Please email me with queries, additions or corrections.  I'll provide more details, GEDCOMs, etc. to bona fide relatives of the surnames listed, and I'll help you with your search if I can. Good hunting.

Check back here often, as individual surname pages are continually being updated as new info flows in and is validated.

Sarsfield (Sars) McNulty
researching: McNulty, Kingston, Curran/Crean, Cassidy, Coffee, Daly in Ireland, Canada, VT
also:Deegan, Shearon, McAuley, Higgins, Duckworth in Canada
also: Moody, Kuelps, Fish, Vinton, Hames, Bennett, Nash, Pomeroy in MA, NY, OH
also: D'Ovidio, Paris,Tomasetti, Ciccarelli, Stornelli,Vicaretti, Marcanio, DiMarco, Marchione in Abruzzo, Italy and NY

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