Irish Land Records

Irish Land Records

by Roberta Gaynor

A. Registry of Deeds

   1. It was established for the protection of the purchases of land.  It
      began recording deeds 25 March 1708 and continues to the present.  The
      Registry is housed at: Registry of Deeds; Henrietta Street; Dublin

   2. The records contain deeds of sale, mortgages, transfer leases,
      conveyances, and sometimes wills.

   3. There are two index series to these records.  The Names Index to
      Grantors (Seller) and the Lands Index.  The LDS Genealogical Society has
      both of these on microfilm.

   4. The LDS Genealogical Society also has what is called "Transcript of
      Memorials of Deeds" on microfilm.  These are detailed abstracts of the
      original documents.

B. Estate Records

   1. Most of the land in Ireland was held by large land owners.  The  records
      of their estates can be very helpful.

   2. These records contain the following typed documents: Rent Rolls, leases,
      rent ledgers, maps, wage books, land agents, notebooks, etc.

   3. A few estate records are available at LDS Genealogical Society.  Many at
      Public Record Offices in Dublin and Belfast.  Many are still in local
      custody.  "Analecta Hibernica" Volumes 15, 20, and 25 (941.5 B2ah)
      contains a "Survey of Documents in Private Keeping".

C. Griffiths Valuation

   This was a survey made by the government to determine the amount of tax
   that each rate should pay to support the upkeep of the poor.
   Arranged by Poor Law Union it lists the following information:
   name of lessor, each occupies or tenant, townland or city, parish, holdings
   and tax.  These are all available at LDS Genealogical Society.  The National
   Library of Ireland has prepared a surname index arranged by parish and

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