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Rumpolt's Vinegar Beef
Gwen Catrin von Berlin

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Original Recipe

Preseindel from an ox

(Ein New Kochbuch, Marxen Rumpolt, 1581)
49. Take beef/ cut it fine thin/ two fingers wide/ and one finger long/ beat it with the back of a knife/ marinate it with wine vinegar/ and let one hour/ or one half/ sit (marinate)/  so it becomes nicely tender/ make butter hot/ and put the meat from the vinegar therein/ roast it/ and pour the butter off again/ pour vinegar therto/ and a little beef broth/ also pepper and ginger/ let it simmer therewith a short time/ and chop green welltasting herbs therein/ and let them simmer. And one calls it Preseindel from an ox.
[Translation by Gwen Catrin von Berlin (Martina Grasse)]



1 lb Round Steak
1/2 C beef broth (used instant)
1 cup vinegar (red wine preferred, reserve when draining)
Black pepper, several good grindings
1-2 T butter
1/2 teas. ginger root, grated fresh
Fresh herbs (tarragon, parsley)

Preparation Steps

    Slice beef thinly into 2" x 1 "x  very thin pieces.  Tenderize them using the back of a knife or a meat mallet.  Marinate in vinegar for one hour then drain, reserving liquid.  Heat butter in a skillet and fry the beef in it.  When brown drain any excess fat and pour the reserved vinegar and the beef broth into it.  Season with pepper and ginger and simmer a few minutes, then add the herbs and simmer another 15 minutes or so.

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