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Sicilian Vermicelli
Allegra Beati

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Original Recipe

Sicilian Vermicelli

(From The Vivendier)
Sicilian Vermicelli are made of dough as fine as small worms that are found in cheese.  Young country girls make them in summer time for the whole year, drying them in the sun to make them last longer.  They should be well culled and washed, then set to dry as was said for the Rice, and cooked in good fat bouillon with a good lot of saffron; when dishing up, fine grated cheese sprinkled on top.



1 lb. thin pasta, such as vermicelli or capellini
8-10 cups vegetable broth
2 tablespoons olive oil
Pinch saffron threads, crushed
Parmesan cheese

Preparation Steps

    Bring the vegetable broth, olive oil, and saffron to a boil over high heat.  Cook the pasta for the length of time specified on the package.  Drain, and sprinkle generously with Parmesan before serving.

Number of Servings

6-8 side dish servings.


  • The Vivendier, A Fifteenth-century French Cookery Manuscript, a critical edition with English translation by Terence Scully (Prospect Books, 1997).

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