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Caeseus cum Recenti Fico (Cheese with Figs)
Arwen Southernwood

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Original Recipe

Caeseus cum Recenti Fico

Pliny, Natural History
A recent idea has been to eat a fresh fig instead of salt with cheese.  [Grant, p. 79]



Fresh or dried figs
Cheese (recommended types include Feta, Asiago, Romano, and Ricotta).

Preparation Steps

Arrange figs on a plate with cheese. 

Redaction Notes

Experiment with different types of cheeses and figs until you find the combination you like best!


  • Grant, Mark.  Roman Cookery:  Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens.  Serif, London, 2000.  ISBN 1-897959-39-7. 

Date Of Redaction

March, 2003.

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