Stewpot Recipe/Redaction Submission Guidelines

We welcome your submissions to our growing collection of recipes and redactions.  However, in order to avoid copyright and other legal issues, we ask that any redactions you submit be substantially your own work.  Please provide a reference, in bibliography format, for the original source.  If you referred to other sources and redactions, please include the appropriate references.  Wherever possible, please include the original recipe in the original language.  If a translation was used, please note the source of the translation, especially if you translated it yourself (it's a good opportunity to blow your own horn!).  Please include any notes you might have regarding ingredient substitutions you might have made or preparation shortcuts you may have taken (i.e. "used dried currants instead of fresh due to availability," "ground spices in a coffee grinder instead of a mortar and pestle," etc.).

To make the job of editing and compiling the recipes easier, we ask that you use the following format:

  • Original Recipe Title
  • Original Recipe Source
  • Text of Original Recipe In Original Language
  • Translated Text of Original Recipe (if needed)
  • Source of Translation
  • Your Redaction:
    • Title (if different from original)
    • Ingredients (listed one per line, please!)
    • Preparation Steps
    • Number of Servings
    • Serving Size
    • Your Name
    • Redaction Notes
    • Any other sources you may have referenced
    • Date Of Redaction (if known; "August, 1999" is close enough!)
Please submit files in ASCII Text format only!

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