Our Mascots

Meet Pixel and Cyrano de Hedgerac, our mascots!  As you can see from their pictures, they are not only very handsome, they are also ardent fans of period cookery.  But then, since they live with Allegra and John, perhaps they can't help that ...


Cyrano: What? No mealworm recipes?
Cyrano:  So many cookbooks ...
Cyrano:  ... so little time.


Pixel: Okay, let's get this straight.  Any extra raisins are MINE!
Pixel:  Okay then, let's get cooking!
Pixel:  I'll take this end, and you take the other end.

Stunt Doubles and Stand-Ins:

Since Cyrano and Pixel don't travel much, we've arranged for them to have stunt doubles and stand-ins at events.
Grimley, doing his stuffed hedgehog best!
This is Grimley.  He keeps Arwen company at work, but he has selflessly volunteered to stand in for Cyrano or Pixel, should the need arise.
Lampworked hedgehog beads
So that we could always find a hedgehog when we needed one, Arwen made some hedgehog beads.  They are made of lampworked glass.

Photo credits:  Pixel and Cyrano - Jamey R. Lathrop, 2000.  Hedgehog beads - Sheila McClune, 2000.

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