Famous Feasts

Here are links to menus and recipes for some feasts prepared by Stewpot members: 
  • Caerthen Arts & Sciences, November 4, A.S. XXXV (2000 c.e.) - Prepared by Gwen Catrin von Berlin.  German fare from Ein New Kochbuch, Marxen Rumpolt, 1581.  (Pictures have been added!)
  • Caer Galen Midwinter, December 9, A.S. XXXV (2000 c.e.) - Prepared by Maredudd Angharad ferch Gwenhyvar, from a variety of period middle eastern sources.
  • Candlemas, Dragonsspine, February, XXXV (2001 c.e.) - Prepared by Tatiana Pavlovna Sokolova, mainly from fourteenth-century French sources.
  • Crown Tournament, al-Barran, March 10, XXXV (2001 c.e.) - Prepared by members of The Stewpot Period Culinary Guild, from fourteenth- and fifteenth-century French sources.
  • Costume Collegium V -- Reception Buffet, Aarquelle, April 6, XXXVI (2002 c.e.) - Prepared by Arwen Southernwood.  As the event emphasized costuming from various eras and locations, this feast is likewise eclectic.
  • Outlands Heralds and Scribes Feast, Caerthe, March 29, XXXVII (2003 c.e.) - Prepared by Arwen Southernwood.  In honor of Jaxarticus Rex Kathrynque Regina Outlandium, and in honor of Eirene Tzismiskina Kontostephanina, who was admitted to the Order of the Laurel at this event, the menu consists of Roman and Byzantine dishes. 

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