Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in learning more about period cookery.  How do I join The Stewpot?

For information on how to become active in The Stewpot, check out our How To Join page.
I don't really want to become a cook; I just want to learn more about what foods would have been available for my persona.  Is that okay?
Sure!  We're here to support all aspects of period cookery, and eating is a very important one.  Knowing what your "period self" would and would not have eaten is a great way to learn more about a time and place in history.
Why have you chosen hedgehogs as your mascots?
In Le Menagier de Paris (as translated by Janet Hinson), the author states of hedgehogs:  "Item, hedgehogs are made with mutton balls, and this is very expensive and a lot of work with poor returns and little profit, so no more of this."  Oddly enough, these are the same reasons that are often given for not having period food at events -- it's expensive, a lot of work, and not worth the effort.  

We feel that researching and recreating period feasts is worth the effort, and that they don't have to be expensive.  So to remind us of this, we've chosen the hedgehog as our mascot.  (Besides, hedgies are awfully cute -- have you seen their pictures?)

I'm a vegetarian.  Are there any period recipes that don't contain meat?
There are lots and lots of them.  Remember that for most of the SCA's period, western Europe was primarily Catholic.  That means that they abstained from meat on Fridays, all through Lent, and on certain other days as well.  So there are many dishes that are vegetarian or even vegan.  Some recipes even come in two versions, one for meat days and one for fast days.

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