Outlands Crown Tournament

March 10, 2001, A.S. XXXV

Presented By:
The Stewpot Culinary Guild
And Friends


First Course:

Second Course:

This feast is brought to you by the Stewpot, an intra-kingdom culinary arts group dedicated to the study, practice, and promotion of period cookery.

The feast menu is collected from the following late 14th century and early 15th century French sources:

  • Chiquart's 'On Cookery,' a Fifteenth-century Savoyard Culinary Treatise, edited and translated by Terence Scully (Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., New York, 1986)
  • Le Menagier de Paris, translated by Janet Hinson (1988), and available in a manuscript collection from Duke Cariadoc of the Bow (also available online).
  • The Viandier of Taillevent, An Edition of All Extant Manuscripts, edited by Terence Scully (University of Ottowa Press, 1988)
  • The Vivendier, A Fifteenth-century French Cookery Manuscript, a critical edition with English translation by Terence Scully (Prospect Books, 1997)


  1. These are the Cheese and Mushroom Pasties that have become a perennial favorite in Dragonsspine.  This redaction was originally done by Lady Cordelia of fitzRobert some years ago, but has since been utilized by many cooks.
  2. These sausages were made and donated to the feast by some of the generous and talented cooks of Caerthe, including THL Gwen Catrin von Berlin, THL Arwen Southernwood, THL Rivka Vladmirovna Rivkina, Lady Eleanor de Leon, and Lady Tanwyn.  (And THL Maredudd  Angharad ferch Gwenhyfar donated the freezer space to store them all before bringing them to al-Barran for the feast!)

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