Stewpot Activities

No firm dates are scheduled yet, but here are some possible Stewpot activities:
  • Present "Tasting Tables" at events, where people can sample period dishes.
  • Have redacting workshops, where everyone takes the same recipe and redacts it, then compare the results.
  • Sponsor or run a kingdom-level cooking collegium.
  • Facilitate distribution of period recipe sources:
    • Establish a “distributed reference library”.  We have already begun to do this (see our booklist), but we need to continue to add information to this list.
    • Start a resource exchange – “I’ll trade you a photocopy of X for a photocopy of Y” – for out-of-print/public domain materials.
    • Make a list of sources that are in print and where they can be obtained.
  • Make “giftie baskets” of hard-to-find spices like cubebs and saffron, and present them to new cooks or cooks who did an exceptionally good job of presenting a period feast.
  • Publish a cookbook (possibly, in the future?)

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