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The Stewpot Period Culinary Guild

Welcome to The Stewpot! The Stewpot is an unofficial guild dedicated to the practice and promotion of pre-seventeenth century cookery in the SCA - Kingdom of the Outlands.

Here you will find all sorts of information of use to beginning and experienced SCA feast cooks alike: period recipes, tried-and-true redactions, sources for unusual ingredients, and helpful advice.  

Our main focus is on the foods of western Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, though you will also find foods from Ancient Rome and the Middle East.


  • Getting Started in Period Cookery: Helpful information for cooks who are cooking from period recipes for the first time. 
  • Fact or Fiction: Myths about period cookery. 
  • Updated! Recipe Gallery: Tried and true redactions of period recipes. 
  • Updated! Famous Feasts Gallery: Menus, pictures, and recipes from past Outlands Feasts. 
  • The Cook's Library: On-line and print sources for period recipes. 
  • Glossary: Terms used in period cooking. 
  • Safe Cooking:  A list of sites to help identify potentially hazardous ingredients, as well as tips for food safety. 
  • To Market, To Market: Places to find cookbooks, unusual ingredients, etc. 
  • Links: Local Guilds and Other Interesting Places 

About The Stewpot:

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