The Practice of Dance in Caerthe

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Compiled by Guillaume de Gonzac

28 March 2000/updated 10 February 2004

Dances currently practiced in Caerthe:

15th century Italian (Domenico, Ebreo, etc.):

Johnes Banys' notebook/Gresley ms (approx. 1500 - English):

Pavans and Basse Dances (with Galliards, and Tourdions):

SCA conjectural dance:

  • Quen Quer Que (to a period Spanish song)
  • Old Measures (Inns of Court – 1570-1670):

    16th century Italian (Caroso "Il Ballarino" - 1581):

    16th century French Bransles (Arbeau "Orchesography" - 1589):

    17th century English Country dances (mostly first edition Playford [1651 - registered in 1650]):

    New dances are added periodically.  Dances marked (soon) are scheduled for introduction by the end of the year.  All other dances listed above are practiced regularly (each at least once every two months) at Tuesday night Caerthen dance practice.

    If you are not blessed with live music, you might want to check our Recommended Recordings.

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